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Make your video advertisements a part of the user experience with Campaign Ignitor.

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A Unique Programmatic Direct Mobile Ad Platform

With Campaign Ignitor, you can expect results. Create and pay for your ad campaign directly through the Campaign Ignitor platform. We make it simple for you to specify budgets, targets, timeframes, and the frequency that your ad is played. Engage your target audience and make video ads part of their user experience with Campaign Ignitor.

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Campaign Ignitor is a premium, programmatic direct ad platform for mobile video. Create and manage your ad campaigns directly from our platform and deliver your message to your target audience of mobile users. Sign up now to learn more.

    Better ROI

    Traditional video advertising methods can take multiple retargeting campaigns for a digital marketer to pool an audience of users who viewed an ad in full. Campaign Ignitor can deliver it immediately.

    Premium Engagement

    Make sure your message is seen and heard with our Verified Views technology. We employ facial and audio detection by utilizing the sensors in the user's mobile device to verify that each and every ad we deliver to a mobile app is viewed from start to finish.

    Your Target Audience

    Our rewards-based engagement model, combined with our Verified Views technology will allow you to deliver your message to your targeted audience of mobile users.

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